POPfit Founder Stephanie Burrows was born to move. 
Stephanie trained as a professional dancer at the Royal Ballet School, she then trained in the Lagree Fitness Method in New York and in Pilates in London, all the while travelling with her musician husband and being inspired by the dynamic boutique fitness scene in the US.
After taking some time out to have her second child, Stephanie set out to start POPfit in order to create a new workout that combined the most effective elements of traditional fitness types but was also, most importantly, fun. In Steph’s own words: “I wanted to do something myself where I could combine my dance and choreography experience with music and fitness by bringing them all under one roof.” POPfit isn’t a dance studio though, it’s all fitness, a real workout but just dance-inspired. 
Alongside friend and fellow dancer and Pilates extraordinaire Antonette Dayrit and with the support of friend and Fabletics founder Kate Hudson, Steph developed the POPfit method in 2017. Their focus was creating those big, expansive movements which the body loves, and making sure it gets results and is a truly joyful practice... from start to finish and beyond, and no matter your body type, age or experience. 
In Steph’s own words: “POPfit is a lifetime passion for me… I noticed how so many women are scared to workout, often they feel intimidated and conscious of body image, and I want to change that. POPfit is for everyone, at every level of fitness. I’ve crafted the workout so it’s easy-to-follow, equipment-free and gets you sweating whilst connecting with your body. I love it, and I hope you do too!” .




An iconic actress, fashion tastemaker and mother of two, Kate Hudson was born to inspire others. Her passion for motivating and supporting women to lead healthy and active lives led Kate to co-found Fabletics and inspired good friend Stephanie Burrows to found POPfit. Supporter and fan of POPfit Kate says: "It’s like a dance aerobic using no weights, just your own body, and I love that. It’s fun, it’s movement, it’s good music and you can connect to your body differently when you’re doing dance aerobics I think. It sort of makes your brain work at the same time which is really, really important".