POPfit choreography is grounded in music, it is the foundations on which the whole workout is based, because music moves us, it energises us and it makes working out fun.

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POPfit Signature Class

A full body workout you can have fun with!

Our Signature class gets you moving and sweating! It combines cardio, body weight strength training and a long stretch to give you a full body, fat burning workout that leaves you sweaty and happy. All set to current, upbeat pop music our Signature class uses no equipment so you really connect to your body. For everybody, at every level of fitness.

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Dance Cardio by PlyoJam

LA’s hottest workout! 

This is a high-energy dance cardio class using plyometric training to get you moving and sweating. It’s fun, energetic and light-hearted. Let your inner dancer out!

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POPfit Core Class

Core is our low-impact alternative using strengthening and stretching to tone your body and flow with the music.

When we say stretch, this isn't just about stretching muscles, this is about slow crafted movement opening up and elongating through your body. It's careful, gentle and feels delicious!
We focus on working our waists and butts so you feel strong and in control. 
Breathing, slowing down and working hard. Let the music guide you through.

POPfit Mama & Baby Class

Bring your babies to class! A time for you to socialise and exercise with like-minded parents. We don't use any equipment so you can get back to your body at your own pace. POPfit is a full body conditioning class that steals the best of pilates, yoga, dance and plyometric fitness and sets it to fast and upbeat pop music. It's hot, fun and focussed. Designed by dancers and crafted for every body and every level of fitness for a full on, effective strength and cardio work out.

POPfit Power Class

Our HIIT class, getting the heart-rate up through intense bodyweight work and cardio training. The music is high energy for maximum motivation, this is interval training at its best. For those not wanting to dance but wanting to work out whilst still connecting to the vibe of the music. 

POPfit Stretch Class

POPfit Stretch is a gentle class using long, juicy stretches to lengthen the muscles and work on flexibility. The perfect complement to your work out.