About POPfit

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POPfit is a boutique fitness studio in London Fields with a variety of workouts that get you moving, sweating and feeling awesome. We believe in working out for our mental health and physical health combined. Our workouts are set to music to keep you motivated and inspired. Classes include our Signature method created by dancer and founder Stephanie Burrows, Barre, POWER HIIT, Dance Cardio, Dance HIIT, POWER Form, Yoga Flow, Ass and Abs, Core Barre and POWER Yoga.

Please check our schedule for our POP-up POPfit classes in other locations.

We have a personal training gym space and offer PT as well as classes so you’re equipped and supported for all your fitness needs.

Our instructors are a team of dancers turned fitness instructors and share a passion for exercise and movement. No barrier to entry, all levels are welcome and we can support you through training with injuries or pregnancy or if you’ve never exercised before and are just starting out, just ask!