Our Instructors


Home Country: The Netherlands
Favourite POPfit track: thank u, next - Ariana Grande
I love London because: It's a city where everyone and everything comes together!
Words I live by: Laugh as much as you can, be around people that make you feel happy and do as much as possible of the things you really love.
I love being a POPfit instructor because: It brings me back to my dancing days, I realised how much I missed being in class and working out together to the music. POPfit is a place where you can celebrate feeling beautiful and gracious as well as a place where you can support and challenge yourself and others to getting strong and being your best you!
Instagram: @rosevrossum
About: Rose trained dancing/singing at the Amsterdam School of Performing Arts, she has a big love for Ballet and started classes at the age of three. She is also a qualified Yoga teacher, having graduated at Fierce Grace London.



Hometown: Northampton
Favourite Popfit track : Power 
I love London because?There is always so much to do and see.
Words I live by: Feel the fear and do it anyway!
I love being a Popfit instructor because: It's such a fun way of working out that leaves you feeling great for the rest of the day!
Instagram: @laurabeatricewhite
About: Laura trained in Musical Theatre at Guildford School of Acting and has over 12 years dance experience. Her high energy classes encourage everyone to let loose, have fun and find their inner Beyonce!



Home Country: Lithuania
Favourite POPfit track: Power, Little Mix
I love London because: It offers such a variety of cultures, opportunities, people, little cute places and activities to discover.
Words I live by: Do whatever makes you happy.
I love being a POPfit instructor because: It combines many things that I love! Dancing, fun and a hard core workout to great music. It’s motivating and brings joy to all.
Instagram: @ggeltyte
About: GG is a contemporary dancer and also a qualified yoga instructor. She loves sharing her passion and knowledge with others. She believes POPfit is the best workout around.



Hometown: Portsmouth
Favourite POPfit track: The entire Rihanna back catalogue
I love London because: I am a culture vulture. I love going to gigs, exhibitions, screenings, performances and festivals in the parks! There’s so much inspiration everywhere.
Words I live by: If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen?
I love being a POPfit instructor because: Dancing is a huge part of my life and it’s great being able to share the benefits of dancing with others. You get to step away from your desk and become Beyoncé for an hour!
Instagram: @cassiuspowell @stateofformation
About: Cass found the sass at the tender age of three, impersonating the pop stars he saw on TV. Now a commercial dance teacher and personal trainer, he’s just returned from a year working on a transformational retreat in Ibiza and featured in the Guardian and Attitude Magazine. ‘If you can laugh at yourself and still bring the fire, you’re winning!’.



Hometown: A tiny little place called Hawkhurst in Kent
Favourite POPfit track: Anything BEYONCE. Don't worry BE-YONCE!
I love London because: You are never too far away from a delicious cocktail and a delightful dance floor.
Words I live by: Life's short so smile while you have teeth 
I love being a POPfit instructor because: It has a wonderful atmosphere and energy to it and I love motivating and pushing people to get their best workout outta them. 
Instagram: @sammietopping
About: I moved to London when I was 16, trained in dance at the Brits school followed by London Studio Centre. I want my classes to be challenging and sweaty getting those endorphins going and want you to feel worked and 'pumped' after every class. 



Hometown: Witham, Essex
Favourite POPfit track: Move your Body, Sia
I love London because: It satisfies my craving for new things, whether that be dance workshops, incredible exhibitions or shows.
Words I live by: Unleash your inner Beyoncé!
I love being a POPfit instructor because: The workout pushes you hard but at your level, whether that be your first time ever exercising or you are a professional dancer/marathon runner. 
Instagram: @darrendancefitness
About: Darren is also a Ballroom, Latin and Pole dancer, currently European Same Sex 10 Dance champion, whilst also working as a Personal Trainer/Pilates teacher. “Come join my class and we will slay it together!!”



Hometown: London
Favourite POPfit track: For POWER HIIT it’s anything high energy with a banging beat and for my Yoga classes I like to take it down and keep it mindful.
I love London because? There is always so much going on, new classes to try and things to do. We are spoilt for choice. It’s also home so it’s where I’m closest to most of my family and friends.
Words I live by: Find what you love and do more of it.
I love being a POPfit instructor because: It’s such a genuinely lovely welcoming studio and team with an absolute passion for getting people together to workout HARD, to great music, and have all the fun doing it! What more could you want!?
Instagram: @carojax
About: You’ll find her in POPfit Power Yoga, POPfit Yoga Flow, POPfit POWER HIIT and PT sessions, Caroline is a qualified yoga instructor, personal trainer and all round great gal!


Hometown: Galway (Ireland)
Favourite POPfit track: Say you do, Sigala
I love London because: The city never sleeps - if you don't want your day to end, it doesn't have to!
Words I live by: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
I love being a POPfit instructor because: The endorphins and feel-good vibes help me tackle challenges in life. I want to share this with others. Stress be gone! 
Instagram: @jackfkeane
About: Jack trained at Guildford School of Acting (GSA), graduating in 2016 with a BA in Musical Theatre. 
His classes are sporty, sweaty and sassy. Get on the floor, let go, loosen up your hips and don't forget to smile!


Hometown: Cheshire
Favourite POPfit track: Woman Like Me 
I love London because: There's always something new to explore and discover. Also I love to see musicals on the West End! #Stagey
Words I live by: Hakuna Matata, always!
I love being a POPfit instructor because: It’s the most fun, effective and empowering workout I’ve ever done. What other workout makes you feel amazing during and after?! I love sharing this feeling with others.
Instagram: @georgeparky @pipsisters 
About: Trained at London Studio Centre with a degree in theatre dance, Georgina has spent the last 5 years touring the UK and Ireland in epic musicals and ia happy to now be based in London, (and not living out of her suitcase!!!). With a Level 4 I.D.T.A Diploma in ballet teaching she’s all over your alignment!